TAXII Service Profiles

Sometimes TAXII implementers know which capabilities they’d like to implement, but don’t really know where to start. TAXII Service Profiles are meant to help with that.

TAXII Service Profiles document design patterns and requirements for common TAXII use cases, providing implementers with concrete information on how TAXII can be used to exchange threat information. TAXII Service Profiles include Use Case description, requirements, and example technical materials where possible. TAXII Service Profiles primarily focus on the TAXII Server, as it is usually the more complex component, though TAXII Clients are described as well.

When possible, implementers whose use cases match a use cases defined by a TAXII Service Profile are recommended to implement the TAXII Service Profile(s) that match their use case.

While conforming to TAXII Service Profiles is optional (a TAXII implementation can conform to as many or as few as desired), any implementation claiming conformance with a particular TAXII Service Profile MUST adhere to all requirements in the TAXII Service Profile they are claiming conformance with.

The list can be filtered based on use case categories, as well as by which TAXII Services they use.

TAXII Service Profiles are still being worked on, and there will be an announcement as they go live!

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