java-taxii | Sample Clients


The Java TAXII Sample Clients provide examples of using the java-taxii library to construct simple command line applications that send and receive TAXII messages to a TAXII server. The sample clients are packaged as a single .jar that contains the java-taxii library and all the required support libraries.

Download Java TAXII Clients

Source code

The source code for the java-taxii clients is available on GitHub.


There are shell and batch scripts provided that execute the proper classes in the .jar. Simply run these scripts with the appropriate arguments. The scripts set the Java classpath to point to java-taxii-clients-all.jar, if you move the scripts or the .jar, you will need to modify the scripts to point to the location of java-taxii-clients-all.jar.

Running the scripts with no arguments will display a help page describing the expected arguments.